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Pan Hellenic

A thought. An idea. Something talked about for ten years. In August 1993 that thought, that idea was implemented. With the acquisition of space on row D, 12 independent produce companies combined to form what is known today as Pan Hellenic Foods of NY.

The original focus was to establish a company that would act as a direct receiver of quality product and negotiate better direct purchases. A place from which the existing distribution routes can be serviced.

Better pricing, quality, better service. This was the main focus and inevitably became the driving force for our quiet aggressive growth - a growth spurt that has been regarded by many in the industry as extraordinary

In 1999 Pan Hellenic launched a full line of frozen product which gave us the capability to provide ad extensive line of both fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables to our customers.

This addition helped us in being able to meet the needs of distributors, institutions, food establishments, restaurants, and most other food service sectors.